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MOSAIC Paradigm Law Group PC.
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With today's ever-growing global economy, the need for skillful and talented employees, as well as the vast number of opportunities available, transcend any notion of borders and cultures. For companies and individuals to benefit from the talent pool around the world and the fruitful opportunities present in the U.S., they need the guidance of expert business immigration attorneys to help them navigate through the extremely complex immigration laws and regulations. 


There are various types of work visas that are available to foreign nationals, depending on their circumstances. Our MOSAIC Paradigm Law Group can help you determine which visa is proper for you and whether you qualify. From there, we will help you through each visa process step. We offer complete services to meet companies and their business travelers.


For most clients, we begin from a strategic perspective. We will help you to understand compliance requirements. We will confirm requirements, procure the correct documents, and prepare the application forms for you and your employees, rather than putting that burden on you. We will request the legally suitable visa type for the purpose and duration of your trip and coordinate all required letters. 


Our experienced immigration lawyers can help you to deal with a large number of visa categories, such as TN (Professionals from Canada and Mexico under NAFTA), H-1B (Specialty Occupation), L-1 (Intracompany Transferee-executives and managers, and Specialized Knowledge workers), E-1 (Treaty Trader), E-2 (Treaty Investor), and O-1 (Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement). 

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How to Apply for An L-1B Visa If You Have A Lower Education Background Or An Irrelevant Major?

This case once again shows that the immigration officer, based on the legal provisions, pays more attention to the "specialized knowledge" requirements of L-1B, that is, the skills and professional qualities that the applicant has or has developed during his or her work experience, and the value that the skills bring to the enterprise. The lack of education and professional background can be remedied by these methods.

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