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Employment Based Immigration Lawyer

Given the complexity and fluidity of U.S. immigration policies, companies and individuals need help navigating a maze of domestic enforcement regulations. Additionally, global migration raises its own distinct challenges involving legal, political, and cultural matters. MOSAIC Paradigm Law Group's deep subject matter knowledge on all aspects of workplace law means that the advice that our employment immigration lawyers provide on immigration topics considers the overall employment relationship, not just the specific immigration issues at hand. This approach to our legal services saves time and gets the best results for our clients.


We represent clients in matters related to the Immigration and Nationality Act, and our employment immigration attorneys are skilled in both law and business. We will tailor your case with the precision and knowledge necessary to suit your specific needs. Our partners have years of experience practicing commercial law and immigration law, and such expertise renders them uniquely qualified to advise clients in the complex and ever-changing area of obtaining U.S. immigration benefits through business establishments. Moreover, our employment-based immigration lawyers will walk you through the entire process of obtaining a U.S. business immigration visa—from assessing business opportunities that best match your requirements to making final arrangements for relocating you and your family to the U.S.

The employment immigration lawyer team of MOSAIC Paradigm Law Group is composed of professional employment immigration attorneys from the United States and China. Our business covers all fields of U.S. immigration law and specializes in fields related to commerce, investment, and employment. With the advanced and highly responsible practice concept, we help our clients to handle various types of immigration affairs. Our U.S. employment-based immigration lawyer team has worked closely with our immigration teams in Shanghai and Beijing. So far, we have successfully applied for green cards for thousands of clients. Our practice areas include EB-1A (Extraordinary Ability), EB-1B (Outstanding Professors/Researchers), EB-1C (Multinational Executives/Managers), EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver), EB-2 & 3 (PERM Labor Certification), and EB-5 (Investor Visas).

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Challenges and Successful Approval of NIW Application within the Art Field

The experienced employment immigration lawyers learned about the client's creative process and concepts through many in-depth talks with the client. The team repeatedly studied her works and also made a lot of investigations in the art field. With irrefutable logic, we MOSAIC Paradigm law firm helped the client successfully obtain the NIW approval without request for evidence.

EB-5 Immigrant Investor Fraud Was Severely Punished by the Texas Court, And MPLG Won A Great Victory in Protecting the Rights of Customers!

We Won! EB-5 Immigrant Investors Were Awarded A Compensation of Total 9 million Dollars By the Jury!

MOSAIC legal group represented the plaintiff, an EB-5 immigrant investor’s fraud case, which was heard by the Texas court. After two weeks of trial, the jury finally unanimously found the defendant guilty of fraud and decided that the defendant and its company will compensate MPLG's client a total of 9 million dollars! After MPLG's legal employment-based immigration lawyer team took over the trial of the case, we finally revealed the defendant's fraud and won the unanimous verdict of the judge and the jury. MPLG won the lawsuit on behalf of the plaintiff!

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