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International Arbitration Law Firm

International arbitration is the leading international dispute resolution method. It is essential for many cross-border transactions and projects. It enables parties working internationally to agree to have their disputes resolved confidentially by experienced and neutral decision-makers and under a procedure that can be tailored to the particular matter. International arbitration falls into two principal categories: commercial arbitration and treaty arbitration. Investment treaty arbitration protects foreign investments and affords private investors direct, public international law remedies against the host state.

Our International Arbitration lawyers' global background brings universal insight and experience that empowers us to solve complicated cross-border distributes. The lawyers from our MOSAIC legal group have extensive experience handling our clients' complex matters, tenaciously advancing their positions, and getting the results our clients seek in their high-stakes, cross-border disputes, including international arbitration dispute resolution, international commercial arbitration, and investor-state/investment arbitration. 

We advise and communicate with clients at every stage of the dispute resolution process, from the drafting of dispute resolution clauses to the initiation and conduct of proceedings through to the enforcement of arbitral awards. We also advise on alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation and dispute boards, and can guide the best dispute resolution options in any given situation.

We routinely represent private corporations, investors, state-owned enterprises, and states in arbitration venues around the world, resolving disputes that straddle borders, corporate structures, jurisdictions, cultures, political systems, and treaties. We bring deep experience representing clients in international commercial arbitration, investment treaty arbitration, multi-jurisdictional disputes, and public international law matters.

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