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Successful Cases

Successful Cases

08 2023.08
How to avoid legal risks and losses from United States customs as Chinese cross-border e-commerce and logistic shipping company?
The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is the primary U.S. administrative law enforcement agency responsible for compliance management in international trade and ensuring businesses and ind...
19 2023.03
Challenges and Successful Approval of NIW Application within the Art Field
Background Ms. Y studied in an American university and obtained the highest degrees in two art majors, the MFA. She is a potential sculpture artist. She had not graduate at the time when we submitted ...
16 2023.03
How to Apply for An L-1B Visa If You Have A Lower Education Background Or An Irrelevant Major?
BackgroundThe client, in this case, Mr. M, is a technician of a Chinese oil service enterprise. The enterprise has signed commercial contracts to provide services regarding several oilfield equipment ...
03 2023.03
MPLG Wins the Lawsuit: Recovering Millions of Dollars Owed by the US for Chinese Energy Equipment Company
Recently, MPLG won another case! On behalf of a Chinese Petroleum Equipment Corporation, the litigation team of MPLG successfully recovered the huge payment from the defendant U.S. company, and all th...