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Labor And Employment Law Firms

For employers today, successfully managing a global workforce requires complying with local labor and employment laws in multiple jurisdictions, staying abreast of rapidly changing regulations, handling the growing demands of labor unions and councils, and moving talent quickly across borders. Developing strategies to retain valuable employees, especially during reorganizations and spinoffs plays a crucial role in the success of a global business. Keeping pace with the latest employment trends in areas such as workforce restructuring, reward programs, and labor and human rights is essential for employers to reach these objectives. 

MOSAIC Paradigm Law Group works with multinational businesses to manage all employment needs from day-to-day human resources requirements to critical global business change projects. We represent employers in collective bargaining and work council negotiations and to develop robust industrial relations strategies. In addition, we help multinational companies review their mobility strategies to determine how they can best deploy employees with the appropriate skills to the right market at the right time to facilitate compliant and successful businesses.

Labor Employment Lawyers Solutions

Labor & Employment attorney team in our MOSAIC Paradigm Law Group is highly skilled in dealing with large-scale class actions or individual complaints made against public and private employers across a wide variety of industries, such as:

  • Energy (oil and gas, mining, renewable energy)

  • Aviation (aircraft manufacturing, engine development, component manufacturing)

  • Education

  • Medical Technology and Equipment

  • Manufacturing

  • Trade

  • Real Estate Development and Acquisition

  • Financing

  • Construction

  • Sales and Leasing 

Labor And Employment Law Firms Services

Our Labor & Employment laywers team has ample understanding of applicable laws and regulations to form careful analyses and strategies for each case. These labor employment attorneys in our MOSAIC Paradigm law firm focus on easing the burden of employers by explaining the myriad of statutes, how to avoid the intensity of highly charged and time-consuming public relations issues, and what matters may damage employee relationships. 

We provide individually tailored employment services to clients on substantial matters, like: 

  • Employment and HR policies

  • Employment handbooks

  • Offer letters

  • Non-compete agreements, termination, discrimination, harassment, and workplace safety

  • Employment litigation 

Labor & Employment litigation covers many types of claims like discrimination, harassment, wage-hour pay, classification, overtime violations, wrongful discharge, employee benefits entitlements, misappropriation of trade secrets and confidential information, unfair competition, enforcement or avoidance of restrictive covenants, labor union disputes, workplace safety violations, defamation, and other employment-related torts.

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