MOSAIC Paradigm Law Group PC.
MOSAIC Paradigm Law Group PC.
Commercial Aviation Law Service

Commercial Aviation Industry Law Firm

Our experienced attorneys proactively help airline companies navigate the complex legal issues faced by the airline industry, including:  

1. Commercial and regulatory issues in connection with the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), Department of Transportation (DOT), National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), and Department of Homeland Security's Transportation Safety Administration (TSA);

2. Advertising in print and digital media;

3. Aircraft trading, finance, and leasing;

4. Competition amongst airlines and possible mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures;

5. Safety, security, passenger rights, and insurance issues;

6. Ownership and registration of intellectual property in airline-related technology;

7. Enforcement of intellectual property rights against infringers;

8. Employment and independent contractor agreements;

9. Strategy to protect and monetize intellectual property rights, and;

10. Defense of third-party infringement claims.

Airline companies face similar legal issues as businesses in the Automotive, Technology, and Retail industries. Read those pages for additional information regarding the legal solutions our industry teams provide.

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