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MOSAIC Paradigm Law Group PC.
cryptocurrency law firm

Cryptocurrency Law Firm

Our multidisciplinary team is well positioned to advise on the legal, regulatory, transactional, and policy issues involving cryptocurrency and digital tokens, in addition to blockchain and the distributed ledger technologies on which they are based. Our diverse experience across practice areas gives us the practical knowledge necessary to advise clients on emerging trends and developments particular to the industry. We draw on our strengths in the financial, energy, and technology industries to represent companies and individuals in cryptocurrency, digital asset, decentralized finance (DeFi), and blockchain communities. We will guide them through white-collar investigations/litigations, government relations, and strategic communications matters. Our crypto attorneys have significant experience representing cryptocurrency exchanges, corporations utilizing blockchain technologies, bitcoin mining companies, power generation utilities, and other participants in the broader cryptocurrency and DeFi industries on various issues, such as:

  • Cryptocurrencies and other digital assets

  • Related spot and derivatives exchanges and trading platforms

  • Security and utility tokens, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the ecosystems of stablecoin

  • Changes to wholesale, retail payments, settlement systems, and central bank digital currencies

  • DeFi networks, protocols, and strategies

  • Smart contracts and token governance structures

  • Development and implementation of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies, particularly in the energy and agricultural sectors

  • Tokenization of physical assets

  • Crypto mining and related energy and environmental considerations

  • Initiatives and proposed regulations and legislation by U.S. and foreign regulators, legislators, and global institutions like the World Economic Forum, International Monetary Fund, and Bank for International Settlements

  • Commodity and derivative enforcement, investigations, and litigations

  • Security enforcement, investigations, and litigations

  • Anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism finance compliance

  • Economic sanctions

  • Cybersecurity and data breaches

  • Public policy, legislative, and regulatory advocacy

  • M&A, joint ventures, and corporate governance

  • Secured lending and Uniform Commercial Code issues

  • Token and digital asset security offerings

  • Blockchain and smart contract platforms

  • Intellectual property rights and technology transactions

  • Environmental matters

  • Tax structuring

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