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Customs and International Trade Law Firm

Although the global market has become increasingly open to trade, disparate local laws and varied business and cultural practices can mean major challenges in creating, distributing, and selling goods and services in certain markets. International trade sanctions limit how companies can do business, in addition to customs laws, exchange controls, and foreign investment requirements. 

Our Customs and International Trade attorneys help clients overcome these challenges and successfully compete in the world's developed and emerging markets. We help clients select, monitor, and manage their relationships with third-party suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and sales agents in their supply chains.

MOSAIC Paradigm Law Group provides tailored Customs and International Trade Law guidance to clients so that they can minimize their risks and duties. Our Customs lawyer service in the fields of customs and international trade includes consultation on import and export tariffs including evaluation of tariff classification, country of origin, fines and penalties, seizures and forfeitures, communication with CBP and C-TPAT, free trade agreements, Customs Request for Information (CBP Form 28), and SED (shippers export declaration) and AES (automated export system) matters.

We conduct classification, valuation, and country of origin/marking reviews to ensure clients meet their obligation of reasonable care. We review client purchase orders, terms and conditions, and contract manufacturing agreements to minimize import compliance risk. We prepare the classification and country of origin ruling requests for clients from diverse industries. We advise clients on the administrative recordation of trademarks and copyrights and the subsequent briefing of CBP port officers. We represented clients in connection with CBP detentions and the recalling of merchandise.

We help clients in various industries determine how best to structure their international trade operations and navigate the customs and import landscape to their best advantage. Knowledgeable, connected, and client-focused, our Customs attorneys can help you optimize your cross-border supply chain operations while ensuring your ongoing compliance with ever-changing laws and regulations.

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