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As the hospitality industry continues to recover from the impact of COVID-19, the responses from both businesses and consumers have accelerated significant changes. Hotel brands are developing creative approaches to reinvigorate existing businesses and develop new lines of businesses as the world evolves through the pandemic. Initiatives include cleanliness policies, adopting technology that offers contactless check-ins, messaging, room service, mobile room keys, and more. This response to the market change has resulted in enhanced brand standards that demonstrate commitment to sustainability, alongside online marketing and increased use of technology to raise the overall customer experience. 

Our team specializes in helping hotel brands, developers, financiers, investors, and service providers capitalize on opportunities within the industry; while complying with permits, licenses, and regulations, and minimizing local and multi-jurisdictional market risks. From brand growth through franchising and licensing, acquisitions, real estate, corporate, employment, advertising, and social media matters, to digital transformation, contactless technology, automation, and sustainability issues, our talented attorneys have extensive knowledge to offer the utmost service for our hospitality clientele. 

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