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MOSAIC Paradigm Law Group PC.
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Packaging design must conform to any relevant government legislation and regulatory standards. The countries, states, and regions in which product, exported or imported, is manufactured, packaged, transported, or sold, may all have different laws and regulations that pertain to packaging design. Legal issues product packaging designers may face are the labeling of ingredients, nutritional information, product claims, or bar codes. Some other issues concern the specific structural and material compliance of a product or the brand logos and trademark registries. 

Our main goal as a firm is to help represent our client's product clearly and truthfully while meeting legal requirements. We want to assure our clients that their product is protected through the handling and distribution processes to the point of retail and use. Our job is to make sure the product is packaged and constructed with materials that would not have an adverse effect on the product. We hope that throughout the packaging process, we can help our clients promote consideration of the environment, support the communication of product contents, and defend our clients from facing false allegations or claims.  

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