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Will Trust Esate Attorney Services

The MOSAIC Paradigm Law Group PC's family will and trust lawyer team Family Law team focuses on Family Law in Texas with lawyers who are ready to provide the highest level of service for all family disputes at a reasonable price. We counsel clients on delicate family issues related to marriage like the preservation of assets in the event of a divorce, the effective use of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, separate and community property issues, and transfers of property to children in prior marriages. Most people associate family law with divorce, but our team provides you with a wide range of services relating to:

  • Prenuptial or marital contracts

  • Spousal maintenance or alimony

  • Child custody & support

  • Annulment

  • Divorce

  • Family violence 

  • Restraining orders/ Protective Orders

  • TDFPS litigation (CPS) 

  • Managing conservatorship, wills, and trusts 

Wills Trusts And Estates Lawer Solution

Additionally, MOSAIC law firm's family wills trusts and estates attorney law group is committed to providing service to clients needing legal help with estate planning. Our concern is to ensure that our clients' basic estate planning documents properly reflect their desires for the disposition of their assets at death and provide management for their property in the event of disability. These documents normally include: 

  • Will and/or living trust

  • A financial durable power of attorney

  • The medical power of attorney

  • Directive to physicians or “living will”

  • Declaration of guardian for children

  • HIPAA authorization

  • Self-declaration of a guardian

In the design of a comprehensive estate plan, we can implement transactions or strategies to maximize the protection of family assets from third parties. This is often an important consideration for entrepreneurs, professionals, investment managers, and executives of public companies. Our family trust lawyers' planning assures the protection of family assets that have been or will be transferred to children and future generations. 

Our MOSAIC legal group advises our clients so that they can take full advantage of tax deferral opportunities—both during life, after death, and for the benefit of successive generations. We also counsel clients regarding their qualified and nonqualified employee benefit plans involving stock options, restricted stock, deferred compensation, and life insurance arrangements.

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