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08 2023.08
Application of legal compliance to reduce litigation and risk for Chinese businesses operating in the United States
Since the beginning of the trade war between the United States and China, Chinese businesses have faced various legal disputes, and the number of disputes continues to grow. Due to China's unique ...
22 2023.02
With Only A High School Education And No English Proficiency, Can Employees Also Be Sent to Work in the United States? A Comparative Analysis of H1B And L1B (Part 1)
The return of the U.S. manufacturing industry has attracted foreign capital to build factories in the United States. Many Chinese enterprises have purchased or leased commercial real estate in the Uni...
15 2023.02
How Do Executives of Small Businesses Successfully Apply for Eb-1C
BackgroundMr. L is the general manager of a Chinese logistics company. When he submitted a 1-year L-1A application for a new company after establishing a branch in the United States, his application w...
14 2023.02
Interpretation of An Eligibility Criteria for Extraordinary Ability Visa (EB-1A): Qualified Published Material in Major Media
Published Material about the Beneficiary in Major MediaIn submitting the application materials for the Extraordinary Ability visa, "published material about the beneficiary in major media" i...
11 2023.02
Interpretation of the Eligibility Criteria for Eb-1A Visa (Extraordinary Ability), the Fastest Way to Obtain a U.S. Green Card——Membership in Associations
The surge in immigration to the United States has attracted many "laymen" to follow the trend and enter the immigration law market. They have carried out propaganda out of context, submittin...
07 2023.02
Interpretation of Eb-1A (Extraordinary Ability) Eligibility Criteria I: Prizes or Awards
IntroAccording to a report by Tencent, "as of August 3, the search volume of WeChat keyword “immigration” has increased by 150% as compared to yesterday, and the daily search volume has reached...