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MOSAIC Paradigm Law Group is dedicated to offering prompt legal advice and services customized to your unique situation. Whether you need guidance resolving workplace grievances, safeguarding corporations in legal disputes or business immigration solutions, our MOSAIC principle is intrinsic to the premise of our work. The foundation we build on to form lasting relationships with our clientele includes Mutual respect, Organization, Strategy, Accountability, Integrity and effective Communication.

Proven Results

The team members of MOSAIC law firm have helped hundreds of clients, recovering millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on their behalf. We MOSAIC Paradigm Law Group PC also have a reputation for winning even the most difficult and complex cases!

Our Attorneys

The experienced legal team from our MOSAIC Paradigm Law Group is dedicated to finding solutions and delivering results, regardless of the complexity of problems facing corporate and individual clients – we take pride in helping clients avoid future problems and resolve those that inevitably arise. Also, our MOSAIC law firm's attorneys bring a wealth of experience and expertise, applicable to the boardroom or courtroom. Let us MOSAIC Paradigm Law Group protect what you have built.

Whether helping management solve workplace problems, providing comprehensive business immigration solutions, or defending enterprises in litigation, MOSAIC Paradigm  Law Group is committed to our vision of personalized, efficient, and responsive service. At the core of our MOSAIC law firm practice is "MOSAIC" which stands for Mutual Respect, Organization, Strategic Planning, Accountability, Integrity, and Communication.

Meet Our Legal Team In MOSAIC Paradigm Law Group

Fan Chen, Founder and President of MOSAIC Paradigm Law Group PC leads the MOSAIC law firm's Employment & Immigration Division and Corporate Division. With extensive legal experience, Fan has represented many companies and individuals in a wide range of immigration, employment, and corporate legal matters.

Whether you are forming a new company, or a veteran in your field, Fan and our MOSAIC legal group law team can meet your needs beyond expectation. 

Contact our firm today at (281) 805-7169 to schedule a consultation with Fan's Executive Assistant, Crystal Liu.

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Mutual respect
Strategic planning
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Mar 06,2023
Successful Cases
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How to Apply for An L-1B Visa If You Have A Lower Education Background Or An Irrelevant Major?
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