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Important Legal Considerations for Establishing a Company in Texas, USA


According to the 2023 survey conducted by Chief Executive magazine, Texas has set another record by being named the best state in the nation for business for the 19th consecutive year and No. 1 in the country for foreign trade exports for 21 consecutive years! CEOs of mainstream companies across the United States selected the award. There is no doubt why they favor Texas, the state offers unique attractions and business opportunities for CEOs and their businesses, such as no state income tax, a stable and predictable regulatory structure, a young and well-educated labor body ready to work, and a great family-orientated environment with excellent educational and health institutions.

Texas is an exciting option for entrepreneurs who want to set up their businesses in the United States; the state is blessed with abundant natural resources, a large labor force, and no state income taxes. However, foreign businesses must understand and comply with the Texas corporate legal system before relocating and operating there. Whether a business is a start-up or an expanding corporation, it is essential to have an experienced law firm that's well-versed in Texas labor, corporate, contract, and human resources laws. As your permanent legal counsel, we will ensure your company's compliance and avoid future legal risks in many areas, such as employee recruitment, compliance training, contract review, and financial management. Our team here at MOSAIC has extensive practical experience in providing comprehensive and professional legal advice and services to companies of all sizes in Texas since 2011. We want to remind you to pay close attention to the following matters when opening a company in Texas:

Understand the legal framework for corporations in Texas

The Texas corporate legal framework is the foundation to ensure corporate compliance. The following are some fundamental legal matters that require special attention:

a) Incorporation and structure

Incorporating a company in Texas requires compliance with several laws and regulations. Determining the structure of your corporation (e.g., limited liability company, corporation, or partnership) is a critical step that will directly affect the liability, tax obligations, and rights and interests of the corporation's owners.

b) Trademarks and intellectual property

Protecting your brand and its intellectual property is vital to growing your company and strengthening your position in the marketplace. The legal procedures for registering trademarks and protecting intellectual property in the United States and Texas are critical to comprehend and obey.

c) Employment relations

Texas employment relations laws are unique and cover At-will employment, hiring and firing, wages and hours, labor relations, anti-discrimination, and workplace safety. Understanding these laws and ensuring compliance will help establish a healthy employment relationship and reduce potential legal risks.

Essential corporate legal services: Compliance and operation

It is critical for a business in Texas to be aligned with the local legal system, so professional corporate legal service that ensures your operation is compliant with the law is crucial to your success.

a) Incorporation and Compliance

You should consult an attorney experienced in corporate for the professional guidance needed to incorporate and form your company and ensure the company complies with the relevant Texas laws and regulations. MOSAIC Paradigm Law Group PC can assist you in completing incorporation documents, interpreting legal requirements, and ensuring your company is structured and operated in compliance with legal standards.

b) Contracts and legal documents

It's best to hire a professional well-versed in contract law who will tailor to your unique business and provide industry-standard contract drafting and reviewing services. MOSAIC attorneys can review all relevant contracts to ensure contract terms are clear, complete, and compliant with Texas legal requirements. Depending on the client's needs, MOSAIC attorneys can also prepare appropriate legal documents for you, such as articles of incorporation, shareholder agreements, and shareholder meeting memos.

c) Labor and employment law training

Texas labor and employment law includes employment contracts, wage and hour regulations, labor relations, discrimination, and equal employment opportunity. MOSAIC labor law attorneys can provide complete professional training for business executives and employees, ensuring they comprehend and obey the law and establish a great company environment and practices. We also offer employment contract drafting, employee handbook development, termination procedures, dispute resolution, and other related services.

d) Intellectual property protection

Intellectual property is an essential asset for many companies. This legal service can help you protect your trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets. We can assist you with trademark registration, drafting licensing agreements, and litigation against IP infringement.

e) Legal risk management

Legal risk management not only helps you resolve legal crises, but we also provide risk management consultation. Attorneys will review your business operations, identify potential legal risks, and develop risk management strategies for you. By working with a corporate legal expert, you can prevent legal disputes in advance and take steps to protect your company's interests.

As you can see, opening a company in Texas requires attention to various corporate legal matters, especially for foreign companies. Understanding the Texas corporate legal framework and retaining a professional corporate law attorney as permanent legal counsel to ensure that your business operations are compliant and successful makes professional and well-established legal counsel an important partner in conducting your business in Texas. Investing in corporate legal matters will be an important prerequisite to ensure your company's sound growth and successful operation.


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